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Kerry and friends

Sweet Baby! ABC's Scandal Rocks.

This Show is amazing. It has everything, a sexy attractive cast, messy political intrique, and characters you can root for or jeer at and still can't wait to see. Throw out the ethics--if you're like me, you will be torn between wanting Olivia to bring down President Grant or meet him in their special spot.

It comes on tonight, and things are becoming dangerously hot for high profile Olivia Pope as the President's Chief Advisor Cyrus employs twisted truth, bruised egos, and misdirection to keep Olivia and the President from giving in to their passion for each other. And the President's wife, is not as oblivious to her husband's feelings for Olivia as either of them believed. Should Olivia continue to respresent the President former Intern with her tell-all blog, and smoking pregancy test? Don't miss tonight's episode.

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Yipes. LJ is not letting me respond. I love the show. I updated Master's Daughter over the weekend.

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