My Daughter


We--Andrea's friends and family-- said our goodbyes on Sunday, March 8, 2015. It was a lovely Home-going Service, with surprisingly more smiles than tears as we prayed together and shared stories of my dear daughter. I told a story of how, instead of Mama and Dada, my son's first words were Andi. When he said these words his sister would immediately respond and he would laugh out loud. The bond between brother and sister was a delight for everyone to see.

I miss her so much. I didn't realize how closely our lives were entwined until, with almost every legal decision, and even something as simple as what should we eat tonight, I have had to make in the last days, I want to say "I need to speak with my daughter first".

Don't know about the next days. I have to try and return to work next week and try to behave normally when my life is so very much changed.

After the service, we brought her ashes home.

The other night I was in the kitchen and I felt something tug at the hem of my sweater and at first I thought it was our cat, but the girls confirmed the cat was not in the kitchen. It happened three times. Andrea use to pull at my clothes when she was little. I don't believe in ghost, but I believe the spirit of a person stays with and looks after loved ones. Maybe my baby was just saying goodbye.

Thank you, all of you who messaged me with sympathy. Your words were and are appreciated.

To those of you who have children, hold them close.
I pray that my daughter's spirit is with the Heavenly Father.